About the Collective

Denver Midwives Collective is a community. Birthing at home is dramatically growing in the US in the last ten years. It can still feel counter cultural to choose a homebirth.

We get it, YOU are understood here!

Homebirth is a lovely way for healthy people to welcome a new baby. In the intimate setting of your home, it comes instinctively to open up to the dance of labor. We are there beside you in your journey, together. Good beginnings make all the difference in the world!

The Midwives Model of Care is the heart of what we provide: caring for the whole person through individualized care, appropriate use of technology, continuity of care and informed choice.

Every midwife in our collective has dedicated herself to this amazing work. By choosing to partner with Denver Midwives Collective, you will receive a knowledgeable and experienced perspective. We offer regular events to get to know the midwives in the collective throughout your pregnancy and host an annual Denver Midwives Collective family picnic. We gather together to learn, discuss and spark joy in the progress of growth!

Within Denver Midwives Collective is a dedicated group of providers with consistent practice guidelines. This offers all the gifts of knowing your primary midwife with the added familiarity with your back-up team. If labor is extremely prolonged, two births occurred at the same time, or your midwife is away you trust those at your birth. This network creates a community within home birth that supports your family and midwives’ longevity and sustainability.

Come get connected and meet other families and the midwives in our collective.